Legal Protection of Inventions

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Eurasian Patent Convention   Document    
Patent Regulations under the Eurasian Patent Convention (Part I. Inventions)     pdf 
effective from
November 1, 2022 
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Statute on Fees of the Eurasian Patent Organization for Legally Significant and Other Actions Performed in Relation to Applications for the Grant of Eurasian Patents for Inventions and Eurasian Patents for Inventions Contents  Document  pdf
effective from
July 1, 2022 
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List of States Party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, whose applicants are eligible for reductions in fees   Document    
Statute of Eurasian Patent Attorneys   Document    
Rules for filing and examining opposition against the grant of a Eurasian Patent on the basis of Administrative Revocation of a Eurasian Patent   Document    
Memo for patent owners and their representatives on the payment of annual fees for the maintenance of Eurasian patents   Document  
Memo for patent holders and their representatives on restoration of a right to a Eurasian patent   Document    
Procedures for the issue of a Eurasian patent duplicate   Document    
Procedures for the issue of Eurasian patent copies   Document    
Procedures on Transfer of Rights Conferred by a Eurasian Application or a Eurasian Patent and change of the name or title of applicant or patent owner [ old version: 2002 ] Contents Document    
Procedures on Appeals against the Eurasian Patent Office’s Decision to Refuse the Grant of a Eurasian Patent Contents Document    
Procedures on Extending the Term of a Eurasian Patent Contents Document    
Procedures for Filing Eurasian Applications, Containing Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequences   Document