Eurasian Patent Office

The main function of the Eurasian Patent Office is to receive applications and to grant Eurasian patents valid on the territory of Member-States of the Eurasian Patent Convention (more about Eurasian Patent Procedure).

Search and Examination

EAPO receives Eurasian applications for inventions filed directly to EAPO and under the PCT Procedure; carries out search, examination and other procedures related to applications.

Grant of patents

After substantive examination EAPO grants patents and publishes information about them.

Appeal Procedure

EAPO considers appeals against patent grant under procedure of opposition, adopts resolutions and publishes information relating to appeal procedure.


EAPO forms and updates information resources, namely:

·    legal, regulatory, reference and methodical documentation;

·    patent documentation of EAPO and EAPC Contracting States', which is downloaded into databases of the Eurasian Patent and Information System (EAPATIS);

·    Register of Eurasian Patens;

·    Lists of Eurasian Patent Attorneys;

·    EAPO on-line filing and request forms.

EAPATIS supports over 40 constantly updated patent information databases including world, regional and national patent documentation collections, as well as PCT minimum documentation states. Collection in Russian contains patent documentation of EAPO, Russia and national patent offices of the Eurasian region.