EAPO Participated in 7th Annual Meeting on CPC



On February 18, 2020, an EAPO delegation participated in the 7th Annual Meeting on the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) organized by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The information on the latest development of the CPC was provided by the organizers. Representatives of the EAPO and patent offices of Russia, Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Finland made presentations on their experience in implementing and using the CPC.

The EAPO delegation acquainted the meeting participants with the procedure of using the CPC for classifying the published Eurasian patent documents.

The CPC has been used by the EAPO as an internal classification system since 2019, along with the International Patent Classification (IPC). In 2020, the Eurasian Office started classifying the Eurasian patent documents backfile using the CPC.