Saule Tlevlessova Completed her Six-Year Term as EAPO President



On February 10, 2022, Saule Tlevlessova held a meeting with the staff of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) on the expiration of her tenure as President of the Eurasian Patent Office.

In the presence of EAPO stuff, Saule Tlevlessova signed the Transfer and Acceptance Act of the current President of the EAPO to the appointed President of the EAPO. Saule Tlevlessova briefed the stuff on the ongoing financial indicators of the EAPO and informed about the successful audit of the EAPO Annual Report for 2021.

The EAPO President thanked her colleagues for fruitful cooperation, which resulted in the implementation of significant projects for the Eurasian Patent Organization and for the entire Eurasian region. Saule Tlevlessova wished the office to maintain the results achieved, and the staff to continue the traditions that have been established in the office over the past six years.