Eurasian industrial design patent No 200 granted



GAZ, the largest producer and exporter of commercial motor vehicles in Russia, became the holder of the "jubilee" patent.

GAZ filed an application for a Eurasian design patent which is valid in seven countries of the Eurasian space in October 2022. The examination procedure for the application took 4.5 months. The patent will protect the design of the GAZ's unique packaging for components and parts, guaranteeing the originality of the purchased goods.

Five Eurasian applications for industrial designs, including a unique interior design of a “new-generation” ambulance, were filed with the Eurasian Patent Office in 2022. All applications have already been granted Eurasian patents.

In total, the number of Eurasian design applications filed with the Eurasian Patent Office in 2022 has more than doubled as compared to 2021. The number of industrial designs claimed more than tripled, which demonstrates the growing demand for legal protection of this IP object.

– The Eurasian patent granted to GAZ does not only mean that the company is paying close attention to its intellectual property. It demonstrates a well-thought-out strategy of the producer who seeks to strengthen its position on international markets, to increase its brand recognition and to strengthen its reputation. I would like to point out that today, an original solution of external appearance provides not only visual attractiveness of a product, but also its technological advantages. Therefore, the Eurasian design patent is a necessary requirement for the protection of these advantages," – EAPO President Grigory Ivliev commented on the Office's decision.