Republic of Tajikistan: National Patent Information Centre announces the launch of 3D applications



Tajikistan has become the second member state of the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO) that has implemented this option in cooperation with the Eurasian Patent Office. At the end of last year, the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced the start of receiving 3D applications.

The National Patent Information Centre (NPIC) official website reports that «as a result of realization of a number of activities aimed at the modern solutions for the digitalization of IP field, updating the system security technologies, the Office has succeeded in receiving applications for the submission of protective documents as a modern system».

Patent applications with 3D models of the claimed subject matter can now be submitted to the NPIC. This is a part of a joint effort between the Eurasian Patent Office and the NPIC to modernize the digital systems of the national patent office.

Joint projects, including support for the implementation of basic information infrastructure management systems and high security IT systems, were agreed two weeks ago during the visit of the EAPO delegation to the NPIC.