Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus: Rospatent and NCIP will develop information cooperation



The X Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia "The 10th Anniversary of the Forum of the Regions of Russia and Belarus: Results and Prospects, " organized by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, is held in Ufa (Russian Federation).

The Head of Rospatent, Yury Zubov, took part in the session "Humanitarian Cooperation between Russia and Belarus. Results of the Decade and Development Prospects". Liliya Gumerova, the Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture moderated the session on the Russian side, and Irina Starovoitova, the Chair of the Standing Committee of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus for Education, Science, Culture and Social Development, on the Belarusian side.

Yuri Zubov summarized the results of Russian-Belarusian cooperation in the intellectual property field and outlined prospective areas of cooperation. During the session, the Head of Rospatent and the Director General of the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) of the Republic of Belarus, Vladimir Ryabovolov, signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on the Use of Information Systems.

This will enable us not only to exchange information and support each other but, in the future, to achieve full-fledged interconnection of our digital systems. This is important for us, inter alia, as Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union. Within the EAEU, we are working together on the implementation of regional integration initiatives. Yuri Zubov explained that the most important of them was the creation of a regional system for the protection of trademarks and geographical indications.

Vladimir Ryabovolov pointed out the achievements in the improvement of the bilateral regulatory framework. Thus, in March 2023, an updated Agreement on Scientific, Technological and Innovative Cooperation was signed. Currently, a new Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Intellectual Property is being prepared. The new act is expected to cover a wider range of issues in the field of intellectual property.

"We are also interested in the experience of the Russian Federation in the development of the system for legal protection of geographical indications. The creation of regional brands will not only make it possible to declare specific producers but will also contribute to the formation of a positive reputation for the country," added the Head of the Belarusian Office.

At the X Forum, 57 regions of the Russian Federation and all regions of the Republic of Belarus are represented. More than 100 documents on cooperation are planned to be signed.

Source: Official website of Rospatent