The Eurasian patent system has been presented to Chinese entrepreneurs



A seminar on the Russian and Eurasian systems for legal protection of intellectual property was held at the Center for Intellectual Property Protection of the Suzhou International Technology Park (People's Republic of China). Eduard Shablin, President of the Assembly of Eurasian Patent Attorneys (AEPA), explained the value and advantages of the Eurasian patent to Chinese entrepreneurs.

More than two dozen Chinese companies targeting Russian and Eurasian markets attended the seminar. According to the Suzhou Daily newspaper, Eurasia becomes the main focus for export-oriented enterprises in Suzhou. In this regard, Chinese businesses are paying more and more attention to the mechanisms of intellectual property protection available in the Eurasian space. Chinese companies are planning the structure and strategy for protecting their intellectual property rights, taking into account the features and advantages of the Eurasian patent system.

The President of the AEPA, Eduard Shablin, focused on the importance of the economic cooperation of the People's Republic of China with the Eurasian countries and spoke about the recent amendments in Russian and Eurasian patent legislation, the doctrine of exhaustion of rights, as well as the peculiarities of patenting inventions in the field of computer technologies in the Russian Federation.

The seminar attendees and participants exchanged views on the filing and examination procedure of Eurasian patent applications, the implementation of patented technologies, and other professional issues that will help Chinese companies compete in the Eurasian markets.