DAY of the Eurasian patent organization at the 10th Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes"



The Eurasian patent office will take part at the 10th Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes" to be held in Moscow on the territory of the Cultural-Exhibition Centre "Sokolniki" from 27 to 30 March, 2007. Salon "Archimedes" marking its 10th jubilee is a complex of innovation events and comprises: exhibitions and presentations demonstrating innovations, R&D achievements and innovative projects, conference on patent protection of objects of industrial property, events of the "International University of the Inventor", seminars, round-table discussions, trainings, etc.

On March, 27, 2007 there will be held the "Day of the Eurasian patent organization" offering a wide range of events to guests and participants of the Salon for acquainting to the Eurasian patent procedure, the activity of the Eurasian patent office and information products thereof, and to ask all interested questions. Within the "Day of the Eurasian patent organization" a seminar will be held with reports and presentations made by the EAPO officials, a round table and actions at the EAPO's exhibition booth. Inventors, patent attorneys, innovation experts, representatives of business an scientific circles are welcomed at the "Day of the Eurasian patent organization".

The following reports and presentations will be offered at the seminar:

Report by A.N.Grigoriev, President of Eurasian patent office "Eurasian patent organization - current state and development"

Presentation by D.Yu.Rogozhin, head of the Formal examination department "Peculiar features of invention patenting by the Eurasian procedure"

Presentation by N.A.Bebirli, head of the Patent register department "Eurasian patent and procedure of maintaining thereof"

Presentation by P.I.Dzegelenok, director, Information & search systems department "EAPO patent information and methods to obtain thereof"

Presentation by V.O.Sirotyuk, head of the Dataware department "Information products and services rendered by EAPO to users of the Eurasian patent system"

We kindly invite You to attend the EAPO booth at the Salon "Archimedes"!

For further information about the "Day of the Eurasian patent organization" at the Salon "Archimedes" apply +7 (495) 411-61-65 or e-mail: