About the commissioning of improved version of Internet EAPATIS.



Dear users of Eurasian patent-information system (EAPATIS)!

In August 2012, an improved version of Eurasian patent-information system is being commissioned.

New version of EAPATIS has the following features:

New version of EAPATIS preserved “one window” principle and in case of not finding of the required documents in the local DB systems the search query can be forwarded to an external source of patent information and information retrieval system of free access on the Internet.

The tools of new version of the EAPATIS considerably faster process search queries, form lists of found documents and reflect the search results.

The new version of EAPSTIS is equipped with the necessary advisory and methodical materials for use of the system. In case of difficulties please contact EAPATIS support services on: eapatis@eapo.org

Wishing you luck in working with the new version of EAPATIS!