Press-Release on the Results of the EAPO Visit to the Republic of Korea



August 7-12, 2016: the EAPO Delegation headed by President Saule Tlevlessova paid a visit to the Republic of Korea. August 8-10: Dr. Tlevlessova was invited to participate in the Korean International Youth Olympiad 4I 2016, where the President delivered a speech in the opening ceremony and granted EAPO Diplomas and special EAPO prizes for creativity and interesting developments to students - winners in team and individual competitions during the closing ceremony.

August 10, 2016, Daejeon city: the EAPO Delegation was accepted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). The Korean Delegation was headed by Mr. Seong-Joon Park, Director General of Intellectual Property Protection & International Cooperation Bureau. The delegations presented to each other the main functions and aspects of work of their Offices, exchanged views on enhancement of cooperation between the Offices and on involvement of South Korean applicants into patenting their inventions through the EAPO. The parties agreed on KIPO Delegation visit to the EAPO in October/November 2016.

August 11, 2016: the EAPO Delegation had a meeting with the management of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA), headed by Mr. Kyuwhan Oh, KPAA President.

The EAPO Delegation made presentations on the Eurasian patent system with an overview of the main electronic products and services provided by the EAPO.

The representatives of Korea Patent Attorneys highlighted the main functions of the Association, revealed the specific features of work of patent attorneys in South Korea, presented the statistical data on patenting in South Korea. It was agreed during the meeting that the EAPO representatives provide training for Korean patent attorneys on specifications of Eurasian patent procedure this autumn.

Within the frameworks of the visit EAPO President S. Tlevlessova gave an interview to the newspaper “Financial News”. The interview referred to actual issues in the EAPO activities.