Representatives of the Swedish Company Alfa Laval Visit EAPO



On September 26, 2018 representatives of Alfa Laval Company, Sweden, and the law firm Gorodissky & Partners visited EAPO.

Alfa Laval has 42 large manufacturing enterprises, also in Russia, sells its products in approximately 100 countries and is the owner of more than 2000 patents.

The company's interest in the Eurasian patent system was the reason for the visit of its representatives to EAPO. The questions of the European patent attorneys were aimed at studying the specifics of the Eurasian patent procedure and its differences from the patent procedure in the European Patent Office.

EAPO representatives acquainted visitors with the activities of the Eurasian Patent Organization and told about the main advantages provided by the Eurasian patent system.

Answering the guests' questions the EAPO representatives explained the requirements of the Eurasian patent legislation on the legal protection of computer implemented inventions, the formulation of the claims, and also talked about the specifics of the procedure for extending the validity of Eurasian patent, the procedure for resolving disputes on validity and violation of Eurasian patent, registration procedure of transfer of rights to a Eurasian application or a Eurasian patent.