EAPO Annual Report 2019


For managing its finance in the reported period, the Eurasian Patent Organization relied on the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC), the Financial Regulations under the EAPC and the effective law of the host country of EAPO headquarters. EAPO managed its finance in accordance with the budget approved by the EAPO Administrative Council for the 2019.

The number of Eurasian applications received in 2019 remained largely the same as in the previous year. Combined with the positive trend in other volumetric indicators affecting the financial results, this contributed to a steady revenue corresponding to the fees for processing Eurasian applications and patents received in the reporting year.

The following diagram shows the EAPO revenue structure reflecting the fees received in 2019.

Diagram 1

EAPO revenue structure in 2019

In 2019, a high level of revenue from the payment of fees for the maintenance of Eurasian patents in the territories of the EAPC Contracting States and the Republic of Moldova was preserved.

The following diagram represents the ratio of each EAPC Contracting State and the Republic of Moldova with regard to the fees for the maintenance of Eurasian patents in force as a percentage of total income in 2019.

Diagram 2

The ratio of each Eurasian Patent Convention Contracting State and the Republic of Moldova as fees for the maintenance of the Eurasian patents in force in the aggregated earnings for 2019.

Following the Procedure for Building and Disbursing the Eurasian Patent Organization Reserve Fund, EAPO made budgeted statutory deductions at the end of 2019. The Reserve Fund is intended to sustain the functionality of the EAPO, should the Organization experience an unforeseen budget deficit.

Due to meeting the revenue target in the reported year, the Organization was able to fully finance expenditure as budgeted, while supporting sustainable operations.